The Great Outdoors Gets Better and Better

Many, if asked, may consider the great outdoors as the countryside. But increasing numbers are investing in their gardens to create outdoor living spaces that offer many of the benefits of being outdoors while having the convenience of being located only a step away from their home.

Fresh air, exercise, relaxation, and creating happy memories with family and friends are some of the benefits of spending more time in the garden. These benefits may be enhanced by carefully designing the garden to optimise enjoyment and utility. Stuart Middleton, Executive Chairman of Aquacut Limited has a few tips for those embarking on a landscape project.

Your landscaping project is likely to be used for a number of years during which families may change and plantings mature. It is important to think about the future as well as the here and now, so time spent researching and thinking
will be time well invested.

  • Sketch out a perimeter plan of your garden and pencil in any features you are determined to keep.
  • Consider what you and others wish to do in the garden. Play, rest, utility and entertaining considerations can help shape your thinking on layout and features.
  • Does there need to be different levels, such as raised decks or sunken sun traps?
  • Take account of the sun and wind directions in your thinking and consider whether you wish to use your garden in different weather conditions.
  • Consider your budget carefully and give yourself a maximum spend.
  • Review a range of different styles to help you understand which you prefer.

There are many outlets selling a very wide range of natural stone, porcelain, and cementitious products offering the most discerning of individuals the ability to create the landscape they crave. Take your time to visit a number of landscape suppliers as they all have their own ranges to suit different budgets and tastes.

There are also increasing demands for ‘above ground’ products that improve the experience of outdoor living. These products include pergolas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens,  balustrades, entertainment walls, tables and seating, planters, fire pits, water blades/features, lighting, and heating. The choices available may be bewildering to even seasoned planners, but help is readily available. The UK has a rich resource of talented garden landscapers and designers and there is a wealth of information freely available online for DIY enthusiasts. Invest your time and do your research, it’ll be well worth the effort.

Aquacut and Babilonia can help you transform any outdoor space by creating functional and attractive building finishes and garden furniture and equipment. View the websites to see how they can help you transform any
outdoor space into a truly unique additional room with the WOW factor.

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