Wooden Gazebos


Our UK manufacturer of oak wooden gazebos has many years of experience designing, building, and supplying garden structures. Their beautiful oak framed structures, specially designed for Babilonia, have been crafted to perfectly complement their surroundings in any garden and can be attached directly onto the side of a building too. They are perfect for acting as a hot tub enclosure, outdoor seating area, garden bar, and many more. Each pergola or gazebo you order includes an oak frame, set of oak rafters, and oak tile batten, bringing a look of traditional quality to your product. With the variety of sizes and styles on offer, our supplier’s wooden pergolas and gazebos will be a wonderful addition to any outdoor area, produced to meet your needs. As well as offering various size options, you can also select different wall and balustrade finishes. Our manufacturer is also able to manufacture and supply complimentary seating.


We offer you the choice to order your pergola or gazebo as a DIY kit or have one of our specialist installation teams erect it at the property. All pergolas and gazebos come with full installation instructions and can be set up with a minimum of 2 people. Do get in touch with Babilonia if you want to discuss a bespoke project and we will manage the design and build for you.



Customers can decide whether they want to build their pergolas and gazebos themselves or have them installed by our specialist installation team. The DIY kits will usually be delivered to your location using a pallet company. A complete guide is provided alongside the DIY kit that takes you through the process of completing your build. We also provide installation guides that give detailed instructions as well as video links.

wooden gazebos

The range of oak pergolas and gazebos can be placed directly onto the ground where they will be secure, this is due to their own weight and the joinery used. The pergolas and gazebos can be placed on patios, decks, concrete pads and other surfaces. It is important to keep the posts as dry as possible to increase the longevity of the oak pergolas and gazebo. If you are planning to use an existing base you will need to ensure there is no standing water when it rains.


The range of oak pergolas and gazebos are supplied with 4 posts up to a maximum span of 4m. Anything above this size includes an intermediate post. For example a 4m square oak gazebo has 4 posts . A 5m x 4m will have 6 posts and a 5m square will have 8 posts. If you are interested in a larger and bespoke gazebo then please contact Babilonia with the size required and we will be happy to discuss your design with our supplier and come up with a solution.

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