Barbecues and Grills


We offer a range of barbecues and custom grills that are perfect for individuals who are looking for a special outdoor space where they can cook like a pro! We can provide different size grills, whether enjoying some authentic cooking with a small group, or larger grills to accommodate for bigger entertaining spaces.

We source a range of the finest barbecues from a specially selected UK manufacturer to ensure your barbecue stands the test of time and the British weather! We offer a range of charcoal, gas, and electric barbecues and grills to cater to all fuel types and preferences. The barbecues can be free standing in a range of stone and brick designs, or seamlessly be built-in to your new outdoor dream kitchen.

For the true barbecue enthusiast, we also source rotisserie equipment, smokers, fire pits, and a range of accessories to churn out delicious meals.

Enjoy some authentic cooking with fire at the heart of your dining experience

BARBECUES AND GRILLS to suit all preferences

We source a range of built-in barbecues and grills that offer flexible opportunities working around all spaces and budgets. Our range of barbecues and grills are available with different specifications and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find something that is perfect for you.

More people are making the most out of their outdoor space and creating another room to enjoy all year around. Outdoor kitchens provide the freedom to create a stylish room that will enhance your outdoor living space such as a patio, terrace or garden. We guarantee to provide flexible food preparation options as well as a focal point for small family occasions or large group gatherings.

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